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There’s no better way to spend your quick break time than to watch a couple of good TV episodes. More to the point, it’s always nice to see hot girls in action in bed with a smokin’ hot muscle man (because as men, we do envy those who look better than us) and everything is just right for the moment.

brazzers Then again, watching porno is always better when it comes from the best. The definition of such may seem quite relative from one person to another, but the general choice is always the epitome of what’s the real deal. As far as I know, Brazzers is among the highly acclaimed adult sites and today it’s up for review.

Brazzers is noted to be one of the most successful online porn sites from then and on and the facts are clear, backed with a series of rationale that really makes it claim highly irreproachable. It remains one of the greatest go-to sites of the usual porn fanatic, which I happen to be one of, proud to be one knowing it really juices things up with clear and crisp content going by the story lines, casting, climactic scenes of the explicit parts and so much more. There’s just every reason to love this website and I’m pretty sure anyone could attest to that. Most recently, the creators have decided to contract a set of more than 100 girls into their circle and subscribers should be able to expect a great wave of videos to come in the next two months.

Oh and the Brazzers discount gives only the best porn content. Not necessarily perfect, but ones that are close to that point, which is also something most porn sites would fail to achieve. As the intro promises would say, there are over 1,400 porn stars, but since the updates from last year, the community has risen to over 1,600 and more to come with the newly hired talents that are currently workshopped and trained for filming. There are over 30 sites to visit through the portal and 450 plus videos on the site alone. So, apart from getting clear, concise and effective porn videos, you also get to enjoy the quantity of goodies Brazzers has got to offer. And, that’s only for $7.95 a month.

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If there’s ever one thing to compete with one of the greatest porn sites of today we all know as Brazzers, that would be none other than the one and only Naughty America. You see, America happens to be one of the five biggest countries in the world and with that, you can expect a basket full of pretty, cute, beautiful girls swarming region by region.


But, what use have they for you if you can’t get any closer to them? The answer to that, Naughty America. It makes the connection, closing the gap of distances, giving you a feel of how it is to fuck an American girl.

At first, I was a bit skeptic about this site. For one thing, I have never really been a fan of anything overrated and I usually wouldn’t take any exemption even if it meant watching porn. But I stumbled upon one of its videos from a free viewing site and it was really enticing. It was starred by Brandy Love as a real estate broker who ended up fucking a client so as to close a deal. It was epic and it got me drunk as a drunkard imbibing tons of alcohol. Basically, is a porn site that would tempt you to its truthful threshold of porn brilliance.

There are over 37 sites that you can visit through Naughty America. As a lot of people would put it, they are among the big dogs in the adult industry, and I would second that for the reason being that they hold over 5,100 full movies played by the most brilliant porn stars of today. There are over 2,085 porn stars and the site is currently hiring more. They definitely get only the best to make the best. Plus, you can download as much videos and photos as you want every single day. They make your 9.95 bucks a month worth it.

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Mofos network will never fail to please you. They promise you that. They also will never fail to have material for you to sink your teeth in. They promise you that. They also promise you anal, young performers (18 to 24 year olds) reality, pornstars, and hardcore action.

This all sounds well and good, and you are definitely going to discover something new inside sites like PUBLIC PICKUPS, LETS TRY ANAL, REAL SLUT PARTY, STRANDED TEENS, and so many other sites inside the network.

Many people look at the name of this network and immediately have visions of big tilted milfs on all fours sucking and sexing long shlongs! Sorry to disappoint ya’ll, but this network is all about babe hardcore. On this network, you will find 1600+ films, 1475+ image galleries, over 1600 gals, weekly updates, and bonus sites (32 in total).

What more do you need to know to seal this deal? On paper, this network is looking super sexy! The gals you will find inside are all sexy young bodies willing to not disappoint you when it comes to hardcore sexing.

The Mofos discount network includes fifteen sites. For a big portion of these sites, what you normally see is erotic, reality themed, High Quality action. The scenes take place in different settings, with lots of naked bodies, lots of creaming and Cumming and orgasms! The gals are mix of European and American cute faces.

Judging from the site names we saw, you get a large variety of genres inside this network. There is nothing hardcore, involving holes and shlongs, that these super erotic babes will not do for your horny satisfaction. They also have some old school kind of material from back when they were still taking baby steps, so that you can see how they have grown and matured into a real babe-fuckers porn network!

The operational layout of the network is all about providing simplicity to the customer. They want you to spend hours watching what they have thus have made the navigation user friendly. There are a mix of famous faces and amateurs just getting into the game! They like to say they have weekly updates but since they give you seven updates per week, and a week has seven days, we would like to think they offer daily updates!

Are there high definition videos of young bodies getting hardcore pumped? Yes there are. Do they have high res images dripping with color and quality? Yes they do. You get streams and downloads, mp4 formats, ZIP file, and freedom of movement that is easy and flexible.

They have bonus 3rd party films for you to enjoy. They have bonus DVDs, more hardcore action, more everything really! This makes the membership deal you are about to get more valuable than you ever thought! To be fair they do have some small hiccups inside their network. These issues are not too painful or too persistent that you will want to cancel your membership.

How can we put this…Mofos is delightfully awesome and full of teen hardcore in all your favorite niches with high production quality, great looking models, and lots of bonus action to justify whatever price they charge for admission! Whew! But seriously, if you want to see them young, sexy, and hardcore, this network is a great place to start!

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Evil Angel is known in the porn circles for being an incredibly good hardcore porn producer. For many people, this porn publishing giant is the one-stop-shop for all their adult entertainment needs. It was initially started back in the late 80s by John Stagliano. It has grown into a magnet attracting the best in the industry from performers to producers.

evilangelThese guys have created a porn empire. Inside this empire, you will find that they have made various films and pictures of sexual debauchery that so many porn fans love. They have now revamped the way they look and added some more functionality to their empire. Join us as we go into this empire to see all the glitter and hardcore shine that they have to offer!

When a site or network is sitting high on top of so many other porn providers and beating everyone, what goes through this “super porn producer” mind? Well it’s how they are going to retain their position and be leaders in the porn industry. One way is to shake things up and offer new design features. This is what “EVIL” has done.

They promise that they are doing a hundred updates every month! This means that you can watch so much action when you have all these updates plus the ten thousand-plus movies already in their archives. They have material shot by legends and porn directing maestros so the quality is superb. The hardcore depravity is also going to light up your desires!

The amount of action you will receive inside Evil Angel is simply devastatingly huge. It’s one of the biggest on the internet and they just want you to simply pay the small entrance fee and all this quality hardcore will be yours.

When you look at the roaster of the gals and pornstars who have made material for this company, there will be a wide and very wicked smile on your face! The company has used the sexual fetishes of the stars and paired them with the creative erotica minds of the directors. What else would be the result be except high quality hardcore! The directors also have this knack of making the material they produce uniquely “evil”.

The sexy smuts inside make material that is super entertaining. You will see gals from America, Asian, and Europe and the variety of body types is really too large for us to list down on this review! They have you covered when it comes to variety.

These guys do it all from amateur, DP, anal, fetish, blowjobs, boobs, asses, milfs, teens, and various other niches of sexual hardcore scenes. The images they give you are sparkling good. You get high res Image galleries (close to 5000). You get ZIP file for downloads.

When you want to hear them pornstar-b@% moan, you can go for the high definition movies. You will find 720p and 1080p resolution that will brighten your day! We really could sing these guys praises all day…they have over 1700 DVDs, multiple updates daily, super fuckable pornstars, and the undying respect of hardcore porn lovers from all over!

Evil Angel definitely dominates you with unrelenting hardcore action. They have that hardcore depraved mind-set that allows them to make material involving hyper sex acts and super good-looking pornstars. If you want porn, and high quality porn for that matter, our first recommendation is to check out these guys, today!

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One of the things I really love about the adult industry today is that it can give me exactly the kind of experience I want. As much as possible, I settle for anything that seems to be real or tends to reside on the realities of life. Sex is always important, of course, because it is the stem and and bridge for continuous procreation.


It’s a different thing to do it for a pleasure, but either way that’s just how sex is. You can’t have it for creation without really enjoying it through every session. The reason of all these blabs is that I want to share my thoughts on a certain website that strongly adheres to true to life pornography. It’s none other than Reality Kings. 

Actually, it would come off to be a big surprise if you have the faintest idea of what RealityKings is. It’s among the most prominent adult sites of today, since its inception, because of its fervor in delivering ultimately produced pornographic content that focuses on real life angular shots that really draw people into every scenario purported by every capsule of a content. Though its makeover period did not really give much differences on the aesthetic appearance of the network, you would really notice how heaps of the titles and episodes have become playable in HD version, which is of course always a major treat for everyone. New models have stepped up on the Reality Kings stage and even the popular Caprice has signed a contract for 20 videos for the network. We are always hoping she’d renew thereafter among other big celebs in the adult industry. This definitely proves definitely has it. 

There are over 8,200 videos in the current arsenal of Reality Kings. The photo sets as always are there exponentially higher in number than the videos. Updates happen everyday with two to four additional videos and sometimes bonus movies that run from 45 minutes to an entire hour. Maximum video resolution goes at 1920 by 1080px which is as clear as one can get — crisp and clear to be exact. Also, if you love watching porn through your tablet or smartphone, a convenient mobile version has just been released and fully operational for all subscribers. 

Overall, with a price of only $17.95 a month, I’d give this a rating of 9.7 out of 10. It’s grand, but there’s always room for improvement. Nevertheless, it’s the best reality porn site.

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69 Things 2 Do Before You Die, All Wives Cheat, AVN Awards, Jazmin’s Touch and The Helmetcam Show are only among the myriad of wonderful shows our favorite Playboy TV has been airing since its inception.


As a fan of the TV channel-turned-magazine itself, I have always subscribed to every issue since I was 13 using my brother’s credit card info, which he consented me to, of course. We, after all, shared the same interest and instincts as men. Anyhow, if you’re hungry for more of Playboy’s awesomeness and experience the deeper depths of it that go beyond borders, written below is my quick review on the internet based PlayBoy TV. 

It’s a porn site, to be straightforward and all the things that you never were able to see in the TV based Playboy channel, you can find here at online. For one thing, it seems too good to be true for the fact that the models you have been witnessing as they bloom in the magazines are actually the models who do all of the prurience and lustful acts in every video of this revolutionary porn site. It’s simply a classic as much as it is a grand porn site with it being a powerhouse of the greatest bikini models of America today. 

Well, what PlayBoyTV does not give you is even a tad bit of disappointment. Every PlayBoy fan should really feel glorified with how this site works and the kind of media content it produces from time to time. First we have all the PlayBoy shows aired here — you can go and replay any episode that you might have missed since the beginning of that show. There are even shows like Cheating Wives where there are episodes that can be played in full HD. Thanks to the remastered digital technology that the magazine company has extracted from the experts. There are literally thousands of full-blown porn videos here, all played in brilliance by half of the models of the magazine. The normal streaming resolution is at 720 by 480p which proves to be better than the average porn site. 

In addition, you get no problem logging in to the system even when traffic is high unlike my experiences from other people-bulked porn sites. Your 5.83-dollar a month shouldn’t be something you’d ever think of as a waste. They create gems in PlayBoy TV!

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OK, so who has not been a fan of Playboy at some point in their porn addiction life? It is difficult to ignore them since they have been around for so long and their name is just so closely linked to naked women. Playboy Plus is just another site in their ever growing arsenal, but hey you want to know more about it don’t you?


You know what I love about this site? It is as smooth and as slick beyond belief. As soon as you sign in you are going to be hit with the absolute beauty of this site and the beauty of it pales into insignificance compared to the beauty of the models that appear on here, but then that is the Playboy way isn’t it?

Yep There Are Models On Here.

Playboy have always managed to get hot chicks to appear in their magazine and their website is no different. Of course everything is also done in such a classy way with amazing lighting, the softness of the photographs, and even just the angles from which they are shot. It all just makes the entire thing feel so erotic, but then that is what Playboy are good at.

The Amount Of Content Is Outstanding.

This site is massive, but then that should hardly be a surprise when you consider how long they have been around. You are looking at well over 125,000 photographs and more than 4,000 scenes to view, so that is clearly going to take some time to work your way through. However, when the content is as good as this, you will not mind the time and effort that is required on your part to really do the site justice.

Playboy Plus may very well be softcore and all about the beauty of the female body, but do not let this stop you from joining as a member. The site is absolutely exquisite in every conceivable way and it shows that even in this era of in your face porn that Playboy can still compete with the best.

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I admit that I have been hunting around the Internet for porn for some considerable length of time now. During my perverted travels I have encountered several of the sites that have been created by the guys at BangBros and do you know something? I am impressed. These guys know how to showcase hardcore fucking and if you are wise at all, then I would advise you to check out what they are doing.


The BangBros discount is huge and so is their network, that does mean that they tend to have a lot of different types of porn available covering various genres. I love this about the site as it means I can get my fix of women with big tits, with curvy asses, amateurs being fucked, hardcore anal fucking, and anything else that appeals. The action that they have is indeed explosive and it is often hot and horny in your face porn just the way I like it to be.

Moving Around Is As Easy As Slipping On Ice.

The network itself is massive, but navigating your way through it is certainly very easy to do. They have made sure that the search facility is very easy to use and you can check out what is on offer in various ways and the results will be shown to you in seconds. Love a particular model? Then do a search. Want to see the latest updates? Do a search according to the date. It really is that easy.

The Volume Of Content Is Unreal.

This network has now broken through the 6000 scenes mark and that is an important milestone. They are updating several times a week as well, so that figure is only continuing to grow at a steady rate. They have an equal number of photo sets along with movies and both are an impressive size, so you are hardly going to be stuck with nothing to watch.

BangBros is a huge porn network and by joining them you get instant access to more than 30 individual porn websites for just the one single membership. They know how to make hardcore porn, they know what gets you off, and they know that by continually producing quality content you are going to keep going back for more. Aren’t you!